Dr. Ayush Gupta
Research Associate Professor, University of Maryland

Name: Ayush Gupta


'AA'-yush (AA - as in 'car'; yush - rhymes with 'push')
gup-ta (gup - 'u' is pronounced as 'u' in put; ta - rhymes with pa)


Ayush Gupta (pronouns: he/him) is Associate Research Professor in Physics and Keystone Instructor in the A. J. Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, USA. Ayush did his undergraduate Bachelors of Technology in Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. Then he moved to the USA to do his PhD in laser-matter physics from the University of Maryland, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Post-PhD he started working in the field of physics education research, which he has been happily doing every since. Currently, his research is aimed at creating dynamic models of learners' cognition, including how different aspects such as emotions, identities, epistemologies, and conceptions are entangled in moment-to-moment interactions. Lately, he has been interested in (i) engineering design thinking, how engineering students come to understand and practice design, and (ii) the role of ideologies in learning, especially in how engineering students think about technology and society. Ayush is serving as the faculty advisor for 3 student-led groups: Women in Physics, oSTEM-UMD (Out in STEM), and Science for the People (SftP-UMD), at the University of Maryland, College Park.